Nevada Security License

Nevada Security License

More and more companies in Nevada are choosing to hire a guard over utilizing security cameras or alarm systems. This is because an accomplished officer gives a sense of protection and among other qualifications, being an excellent communicator should be a key to your job success.

If you have been convinced enough to start your career in this field, we can assist you in that journey. Find out every little detail you need to know about the specifications, the overall procedure, and more.

Nevada Security License Requirements

The licensing regulation for protectors in the state is controlled by the Private Investigators Licensing Board.  Prior to your application, you should make sure you hold a registration card. This should be obtained from the authority by meeting all the necessary prerequisites. Discover the following standards below for the enrollment:

  • First, be certain you have original documentation of US residency.
  • Then, present any certificates you have, including your SSN, credentials, etc.(don’t forget to include a professional-style photo as well).
  • Provide verification of completed FBI check.
  • Demonstrate successful completion of the exam.
  • Pay processing fees.

When you finish applying process, the government will determine whether to grant you this or not. In case you are accepted, this should help you maintain a position in businesses acquiring defense aid. Keep in mind, that cities such as Las Vegas may mandate additional criteria or set their own rules of the preparation.  In the next paragraph, we covered the primary differences between secured and unarmed defenders.

Eligibility for Unarmed Guards

Potential candidates should get familiar with the basic conditions. These should involve:

  • Being 18 years old
  • Proof of US citizenship
  • All forms of ID: your passport, NE driver’s license (visit our page to find out detailed info about the Nevada driver license)
  • A high school diploma or equivalent degree
  • Transcripts showing more than 75% accuracy
  • Clean criminal background

Weapon permit

If your profession obliges owning a gun, these are the expected terms you should be aware of :

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Own identification documents.
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • Fulfill handgun training.
  • Pass examination with 100 % precision.
  • Have clear background evidence.
  • Submit identity review.

If you meet these preconditions, you are eligible to be an authorized patrol officer. As soon as the Board receives all these materials, wait 10 days to hear a response from them. The cost is $85, but if you send two fingerprinting instead of one, the charge will be up to $95.

Note that many casinos also require possessing a legal paper taken from the local office (along with state licensure).

Continuing Education and Renewal

Your registry is valid for 5 years. However, it is a must to achieve firearm tests every 6 months. The CE includes a 1-hour weaponry safety course and you should score at least 75 percent each time.

Before the expiration date, you should propose all the vital documents along with the request to the PILB. If you have done it electronically, it is also obligatory to forward them 2 fingerprint tags or receipts. The total cost of the renewal is less than $135.

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