Nevada Auction License

Nevada Auction License

If you want to start your career as an auctioneer or dealer, you have to obtain a Nevada Auction License at a county level. The article below guides you on everything about the NV trader permit including the main requirements, application process, and more. Let’s dig in!

Nevada Auction License General Requirements

Nevada doesn’t issue state-level licensure for auctioneers. Instead, municipalities and counties establish their own set of demands for getting permits. General requirements for this state include:

  • Fingerprint check
  • Surety bond (the amount varies due to the sort of vehicle or item you want to sell)
  • Payment of necessary fees

We recommend contacting your local county or municipality to understand local prerequisites too. In the upcoming paragraph, we will talk about licensing issuance and regulation in the biggest city in the state, Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

Generally, in LV to be an auctioneer, you must apply to the City of Las Vegas Department of Planning Business Licensing Division. The Department distinguishes two kinds of authorization to run an auction:

  • Auctioneers who need to obtain permits
  • Trade firms that should be licensed

To get the permit, you should fill out the Permit form 10 days before the trade. The payment is $25 per day.

To apply for the licensure, as an individual or firm you provide the following paperwork:

  • Completed Las Vegas business application form
  • Financial Questionnaire
  • Party Acknowledgement Notice
  • According to the type of your firm other documents as well. For instance, if it is LLC, you should provide the Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, and list of members if it’s not written in the Agreement.
  • Graduate Diploma in the relevant field and 3 years of experience
  • A surety bond in the amount of $10,000
  • Payment of processing fees.

FYI, the initial Nevada Auction License costs $100.

However, there can be other requirements as well, so it’s better to check them out with the nearest office. Moreover, if you need to notarize the selling goods, a technician can help you with this process during the appointment. This costs $5 for each signature.

Auto Dealership

Prior to submitting your documents to the NV DMV, you must decide what sort of dealership you like to have. Primarily, these are the types of car dealerships:

  • Dealer: An individual who sells, exchanges, buys, offers, or displays vehicles
  • Distributor: Sells cars to the traders
  • Manufacturer: A person who is engaging in the work of manufacturing
  • Lesser: Leases cars for short-term (less than a month) or long-term (more than 31 days)
  • Rebuilder: Reconstructs motor vehicles

In addition to these, there are other types of licensure as well such as broker, transporter, etc.

Nevada Auction License Application Process

Auto dealers should submit the following documents to the NV DMV:

  • Completed business registration
  • Personal History Questionnaire
  • Fingerprint check
  • Fingerprint background waiver (optional)
  • Proof of bond
  • City or county  license
  • FEIN number, copy of company’s registration, etc. if applicable
  • Inspection of the site

For the new auto dealership, you should present a Dealer Franchise Certificate by each manufacturer or distributor whose cars you want to sell. Moreover, you may also be required to indicate auto liability insurance.

The amount of surety bond coverage is decided on the type of automotive. For instance, for utility or boat trailers the necessary amount is $10,000. For motorcycles, you should have $50,000. It is $100,000 for other kinds of vehicles.

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