Nevada Business License

Nevada Business License

If you have a good business idea, you should turn it into reality. For that, you will need to get a business license. A business license is a government-issued official paper, which allows businesses to operate in a particular area. In general, there are different licensing laws for different jurisdictions.

If you want to learn the steps of the licensing process in the state of Nevada, you should look through this article and get necessary information.

Steps to get a business license in the state of Nevada

Step 1: Select the jurisdiction

The state of Nevada comprises of six jurisdictions and you must choose the location of your future business. It is important to know that each jurisdiction has its own licensing agency and is responsible for issuing a Nevada State business license.

After selecting the jurisdiction, you must confirm the business address and check whether the business location is within the given jurisdiction. In addition to this, you should use this online tool to check the proposed business address and the primary jurisdiction for your location.

Afterwards, you should contact the jurisdiction and continue the licensing process with them.

Step 2: Apply for Nevada state business license and register with Taxation Department

As you may guess, the next step is to file your application for a Nevada State Business License. You must also register with the Nevada Department of Taxation, which you can easily do on their official website.

It might be useful to know that the State of Nevada has created an online business portal. To put it plainly, you can also use this portal to register with the department and to file your application online.

Step 3: Register the business name

Choosing and registering a business name is another major step in the licensing process. Not every business operates under its owner’s name. On the contrary, many owners choose not to use their full legal names.

Accordingly, they choose a fictitious firm name/doing business as, and conduct the business under that name.

In the state of Nevada, you must register the business name with the Clark County Clerk’s Office.

It is always a good idea to think of and come up with a unique name. Note that it should not resemble other business names and must speak for itself.

Step 4: Register a trademark

In the long run, you should also aim to register a trademark for your business. It is to protect the business and stop others from using your business name for their profit. The reason for this is that many people tend to use the logos or name of a successful brand to add value to their own services or products.

To put it differently, not only does a trademark identify and distinguish goods in the market, but it also build value and serves as protection for your business. Furthermore, it fights against competition and maintains your reputation.

Step 5: Apply for a Nevada business license

The next step is to submit the general application for the business license. Follow this link to apply online or call at (702) 455-0174.

Step 6: Create a business bank account

To conduct business and financial transactions, you must open a separate business bank account and use it only for business affairs. Otherwise, having one account for both business and personal affairs might entail some difficulties and complications.

How much it costs to get a business license in Nevada

To get a Nevada business license, you will need to pay $200 registration fee for all types of businesses and $500 for Corporations.

Note that you will not need to pay for a sales tax permit.

Does a sole proprietor need a business license in Nevada?

Yes, sole proprietorships must obtain a Nevada State Business License (Notice of Exemption) to conduct business in the state.

If you want to form a sole proprietorship and get a license, you can file your application here. Just go through the link, enter your login and password, and, thereby, login to your account. If you do not have one yet, then click on the “register” button and create a portal profile for yourself.

How do I form an LLC in Nevada?

If you need to form an LLC in Nevada, you should follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select the company name

To start with, you should select a business name, which contains the words “Limited-Liability Company”, “Limited Company” or “Limited” ( Ltd., L.L.C., LLC , LC.).

It is extremely important to choose a distinguishable and unique name, as there cannot be two companies with the same name.

In case you want to reserve a particular name, you may file a Name Reservation Request. This way, you will be able to reserve a name for 90 days and it will cost you $25. If you need more information on this matter, you can call at (775) 684-5708.

Step 2: Find a registered agent

You should also choose a registered agent, who has a Nevada street address, as well as a mailing address.

Step 3: Management

For this point, you must mention the company’s management team (the number of managers and members).

Step 4: Organizers

Afterwards, you should file Articles of Organization with the Nevada Secretary of State, which must indicate the address, name, signature of the organizers.

Follow this link to file the articles and pay the $75 fee.

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