Nevada Nursing License

Nevada Nursing License

If you ever considered starting a nursing career and you just do not know where to start, then you can find all you need to know from the Nevada nursing license lookup. There are many requirements on the licensing process, examinations and more.

This guide refers to those requirements by providing detailed and relevant pieces of information.

How do I get a Nevada nursing license?

Appropriate educational background

In the first place, you should hold a high school diploma. If you do, then you can pass to the next step.

For the most part, graduating from a professional nursing program can be considered as the start of the journey. All you need to do is complete a nursing program. Make sure the nursing program is approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing to avoid further complications and errors.

It is to emphasize that you do not necessarily need to take a program in Nevada. As long as the educational program is effective, you are in good standing.

Submit the application

Equally important is the application process. You must submit the application, along with the fees and necessary documents, via the Nevada Nurse Portal.

The application should also include a copy of evidence of graduation or official transcript from the nursing program.

Criminal background check

A background check is among the requirements to obtain a nursing license in the state of Nevada. When you request the license application, you will receive fingerprint cards in the packet.

Note that you can have your fingerprints taken both electronically (Nevada Live Scan facility) and traditionally (taking them in a chosen agency).

Taking and passing NCLEX

With all this information in mind, you should take the National Council Licensure Examination. To register, click here and schedule your exam.

You must pay $200 for each examination attempt.

Keep in mind that it will take you a little longer to know the examination results. You may somehow get them sooner provided, that you pay additional fees. Nonetheless, getting the examination results earlier than the others does not affect or make the licensing process shorter.

Renew your license

In Nevada, you need to renew your nursing license every two years. The requirement for renewal is to complete 30 hours of continuing education. It also includes four hours on bioterrorism.

How long does it take to get a Nevada nursing license?

Generally, from the time of your application, it will take you about two weeks to get your nursing license in the state of Nevada. You will not have any problems or delays, if you meet all the application requirements and attach the necessary documents and transcripts.

Nevertheless, in case you are asking about the entire licensing procedure, then it will actually take much, much longer. To clarify, getting appropriate nursing education is not easy at all. You will be required to study a lot, which will take you from two to four, or even five years.

Is Nevada a nursing compact state?

Being a compact state for nursing means, that you can use a multistate license to practice nursing in NLC member states.

The state of Nevada, in fact, is not a member of the NLC. However, if you are a nurse, who holds a nursing license in another US state, then you can apply for the nursing license by reciprocity. It is important to know, that you will need to take an examination in case you have never been licensed in your home state before.

How much does a Nevada nursing license cost?

To obtain a Nevada nursing license, you will be required to pay these associated fees:

  • Application Fee: $100
  • Examination Fee: $200
  • Fingerprinting Fee: $40-50
  • License Renewal Fee: $100
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