Nevada Medical License

Nevada Medical License

Proper certification ensures that physicians and other health care professionals provide only safe and quality practice of medicine. Given that, you should obtain a Nevada medical license. Accordingly, you should figure out the requirements and fulfill them.

We have created this guide for that very purpose. Look through the points below to understand the whole process.

How long does it takes to get a Nevada medical license?

In NV, it takes from two weeks to six months for the application to be processed. The time actually depends on many factors. For example, the way you answer the application questions. If you lie and answer dishonestly, it will entail delays or rejections. Hence, it is always a good idea to be honest and only provide relevant, actual information about you.

Another key point is presenting only valid and proper documentation. It helps the process a lot.

What is the easiest medical career to get into in Nevada?

Most people think that becoming a physician requires years of hard work and effectiveness. Yes, it is true. However,  there are also other career paths in the sphere of medicine that are easier to get into.

If you do not want to further your education or get years of experience, then you can try entry-level positions. For example, you may try to work as a Phlebotomy technician, transcriptionist, physical therapy assistant, etc.

Compared to other positions, such as osteopathic or allopathic physicians, the above-mentioned career paths are easier to practice. Thus, you may consider one of them or dive deeper to find the most suitable option for you.

How to get a medical license in Nevada?

  • Earn your degree in an accredited medical school/program.
  • Practice medicine for at least two years as a way to demonstrate competency.
  • Take and pass the Special Purpose Examination. It is to test one’s abilities and skills.
  • Pass the 3 parts of the United States Medical Licensing Examination. You will have nine attempts for the three parts, particularly three of these attempts for the third part.
  • Apply through the application portal.

Fees associated with a Nevada medical license

To start with, you should pay $600 for application processing. Afterward, there is a fee of $750 for full-biennium registration. It is $350 for 2nd half of the registration.

The Board also requires conducting a criminal background check, which costs $75. Michigan does the same.

This list does not include the fees or tuition you pay for your studies. In reality, schools are quite expensive. The average fee is $25,000 or $30,000.

What is more, you will also need to spend a considerable amount of money on books and supplies, transportation, and so on.

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