Nevada Insurance License

Nevada Insurance License

If you are looking forward to obtaining your Nevada insurance license, you will definitely need a Nevada insurance license lookup. It will educate you on a number of factors and you may find the overview of the licensing process helpful.

Steps to get your insurance license in Nevada

Step 1: Get pre-exam education

In the state of Nevada, pre-license education is not a requirement for insurance licensure. On the contrary, the state leaves the preparation up to you. Thus, you are to understand what you want from the studying process and what your priorities are.

Self-study and professional coursework are both a choice. Choose the one which best suits your needs and conditions.

Studying by yourself has many advantages as you get to schedule the procedure on your own. Moreover, there is no need to pay extra fees when you can rely on yourself and just prepare.

On the other hand, professional coursework has many positive sides as well. It guarantees applicants higher passing rates and strong educational foundation.

If you, after all, make up your mind to attend a course, you should select a state approved one.

Licensed courses, as a rule, cover the following subjects:

  • Different types of insurance
  • Financial instruments and planning
  • Ethical issues
  • Public policy
  • Microeconomics
  • Social security
  • Public finances

Step 2: Pass the Nevada insurance license exam

Prepare your pens as the time to take the exam has come. You should take the state licensing exam for each preferred line of authority.

Visit this page to make an exam reservation. The examination costs $39-$49 (depends on the insurance line).

On the examination day, arrive at the test center at least thirty minutes earlier to complete registration. Do not forget to bring proper identification (primary ID and secondary ID) and other materials that the testing facility asked you to bring.

Make sure that your forms of identification have your signature and photo on them.

Step 3: Apply for licensure

The following step is to apply for the insurance license, mentioning all desired lines of authority. Use this link to apply online. The license application fee is $185.

Contact Information

Nevada Department of Business and Industry
Division of Insurance
788 Fairview Drive, Suite 300
Carson City, Nevada 89701-5491
Phone: 888-872-3234
Fax: 775-687-3937

The cost of an insurance license in Nevada

Before you can legally solicit or sell insurance in Nevada, you must pay some fixed fees.

To start with, you should pay for pre-license education if you choose to take courses. There is no fixed fee as every provider/college has its own prices.

Then you must pay $39 for single and $49 for combined lines of insurance.

After that, you must pay $185 for license application. In case you want to make some changes or add a new line of insurance, you will need to pay another $50 for the amendments.

Is it hard to pass the insurance license exam in Nevada?

The insurance examination is hard enough in the state of Nevada. However, that does not mean that you do not have any chances of passing.

The exam contains multiple-choice questions, which cover general (basic insurance product knowledge) and state (laws, rules, regulations) sections.

The test is proctored: a proctor ensures that no person has an unfair disadvantage or advantage while taking the test.

All candidates have the same chances of demonstrating their abilities and knowledge of insurance products.

Note that you cannot violate the test center rules, as they will not let you finish the test, thereby forfeiting the paid fee. To avoid situations like this, obey the rules and observe the test center policy.

If you fail the exam, you will need to retake the entire examination.

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