Nevada Barber License

Nevada Barber License

Ready to become a hairstylist, but don’t know how to have authorization? It comes as no surprise, that having a sharp eye, skill, and hand-eye coordination is essential for this profession. Anyway, there exists another factor, which is of primary importance to start your career.

Accordingly, it is nothing more than the permit that lays the foundation of your new job. Thus, if you wonder to find more details about a Nevada Barber License, such as requirements, renewal, or transfer, follow the guideline.

Requirements for Nevada Barber License

To get one step closer to your job, firstly comply with all the requirements. Below you can see the step-by-step process and go deeper into each part of it.


For the most part, your first step is to go through a 1500-hour training. With this in mind, it is crucial to take a course in an official barbering college consisting of both theory and practical hours. Besides, training hours and learning process should satisfy Nevada Barber’s Health and Sanitation Board’s demand.

Submitting application

Secondly, you should furnish submission for apprentice examination and permit. Before sending it to the Board, direct your attention to complying with the following demands:

  1. Completion letter
  2. Copy of High School Diploma
  3. Passport Photographs
  4. Application fee

Once you succeed in submission, be ready to work as an accredited hairstylist apprentice.

Passing apprenticeship exam

The period of working as an apprentice under professional supervision lasts 18 months. There are two types of exams you need to pass: practical and theory exams.

In terms of practical examination make sure to bring an appropriate model for demonstration. Additionally, you should furnish some important products as well. Among them are aprons, tools, chair cloths, blow dryers, shampoos, conditioners, sprays, etc.

Considering the theory test, it covers almost all the necessary aspects of hairdresser science. For example, history, elementary chemistry, sterilization, etc.

Submitting hairdresser licensure

After you have succeeded in all these steps,  it is the proper time to apply for licensure. The Council will inform you about the final version of your authorization.

Renewing barbering licensure

To stay away from fines, renew your permission once every 2 years before its expiration. After receiving the renewal notice from the Board, pay an extra $50 fee, then send the appropriate form.

Transferring hairdresser license

Curious about transferring your permission? Consider that it should have good standing and be active in another state. Besides, providing proof of your education hours and taking both actual and written tests are needed for new permission. Note that this state doesn’t accept Florida permits (named Facial Specialist, Nail Specialist, etc).

Cost of becoming a hairstylist

Generally, your authorization and renewal cost about $50. But it is not the total count. Consider paying additional fees for tests, which are between $100-150.

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